Book exchange is not open right now. Please come back from 9/6 to 9/8.


The Book Exchange starts at 10 AM on 9/6. Online orders will be accepted beginning at noon. Feel free to visit us in person or browse online until then.

ΑΦΩ Book Exchange

The ΑΦΩ Book Exchange is an twice-annual book sale hosted as a service for MIT students. Below is a list of books that we currently have. We also have science fiction books not listed below for sale for $0.50-$1.00 each. Books will be sold in the Mezzanine Lounge (W20-307) from 10am - 5pm on 9/6 to 9/8. More information (including how to sell your books via the book exchange) may be found here.

*: Purchase Courses are the class that the book was purchased for. ΑΦΩ does not verify that the class still uses that book.

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      ID       Title Author Purchase Course * Condition Price [Last Day] Notes
248-E-F16 3.982: The Ancient Andean World Fall2013 H. Lechtman 3.982 As New $20.00 [$10.00]
208-A-F16 A Contemporary Introduction to Sociology Culture and Society in Transition 2nd Ed. Alexander, Thompson, Desfor Edles 21A.156 Fine $15.00 [$10.00]
206-A-F16 A Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare 21L.009 As New $6.00 [$5.00]
248-B-F16 A Modern History of Japan: From Tokugawa Times to the Present, 2nd Edition Andrew Gordon 21H.155 Very Good $20.00 [$10.00]
268-AF-F16 A Vous D'ecrire Unknown $20.00 [$10.00]
256-F-F16 A journal of the plague year Defoe 21h.185 Very Good $5.00 [$5.00]
201-B-F16 AP Physics C Barron's As New $5.00 [$5.00]
236-M-F16 Abnormal Psychology Davison et al As New $10.00 [$5.00]
221-B-F16 Analysis for Financial Management Higgins 15.412 Very Good $10.00 [$10.00]
201-D-F16 Anthology for Music in the Nineteeth Century Frisch 21M.250 As New $20.00 [$5.00]
217-L-F16 Anything Goes Mordden 21M.283 Fair $8.00 [$7.00]
207-O-F16 Apollo The Definitive Sourcebook Orloff, Harland As New $30.00 [$20.00]
258-F-F16 Atonement Ian McEwan Fair $5.00 [$3.00]
217-Y-F16 Balkan Ghosts Robert Kaplan Good $2.00 [$2.00]
267-E-F16 Big Java Unknown $20.00 [$10.00]
240-B-F16 Biochemistry Berg Tymoczko Stryer 7.05 Very Good $20.00 [$10.00]
241-A-F16 Biochemistry Berg Tymoczko Stryer 7.05 Very Good $50.00 [$40.00]
257-B-F16 Biochemistry 6th Edition Berg, Tymoczko, Stryer 7.05 As New $25.00 [$20.00]
251-F-F16 Biochemistry 6th Edition Berg 7.05 Fine $20.00 [$10.00]
261-B-F16 Biochemistry 7th edition Berg et al 7.05 As New $45.00 [$40.00]

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