Book exchange is not open right now. Please come back from 9/1 to 9/5.


The Book Exchange starts at 10 AM on 9/1. Online orders will be accepted beginning at noon. Feel free to visit us in person or browse online until then.

ΑΦΩ Book Exchange

The ΑΦΩ Book Exchange is an twice-annual book sale hosted as a service for MIT students. Below is a list of books that we currently have. We also have science fiction books not listed below for sale for $0.50-$1.00 each. Books will be sold in the Mezzanine Lounge (W20-307) from 10am - 5pm on 9/1 to 9/5. More information (including how to sell your books via the book exchange) may be found here.

*: Purchase Courses are the class that the book was purchased for. ΑΦΩ does not verify that the class still uses that book.

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      ID       Title Author Purchase Course * Condition Price [Last Day] Notes
6-D-F14 Unknown $0.00 [$0.00]
31-B-F14 Unknown $0.00 [$0.00]
26-A-F14 Andriod Karenina Leo Tolstoy Very Good $1.00 [$1.00]
26-CA-F14 1014 Practice Questions for the New GRE 2nd ed. The Princeton Review Good $1.00 [$0.00]
37-B-F14 18.02 Notes and Exercises B. Poonen 18.02 Fine $8.00 [$5.00] Fall 2010
37-C-F14 18.03 Notes and Exercises D. Jerison 18.03 Fine $8.00 [$5.00] Spring 2011
37-A-F14 2.005 Thermal Fluids Engineering C. Buie 2.005 Fine $10.00 [$5.00] Course Notes/Textbooks, Spring 2011
26-R-F14 501 Portuguese Verbs Fine $5.00 [$1.00]
1-F-F14 6.013 and 6.360 MIT Course Notes 6.013/6.360 As New $5.00 [$2.00] Fall 2011
56-K-F14 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen Covey Fine $5.00 [$2.00]
1-AC-F14 A Bloodhound to Die For Virginia Lanier Fine $1.00 [$0.00]
12-C-F14 A Course in Game Theory Martin Osborne 14.11 As New $25.00 [$20.00]
41-B-F14 A Creative Approach to Music Fundamentals William Duckworth 21M.301 Fine $10.00 [$5.00]
44-D-F14 A Creative Approach to Music Fundamentals William Duckworth 21M.051 Fine $35.00 [$25.00] Comes with CD.
26-BC-F14 A First Book of C++ Fine $10.00 [$5.00]
8-A-F14 A First Course in Probability 6th Edition Sheldon Ross 18.440 Fine $25.00 [$25.00]
22-H-F14 A First Course in Probability 7th Edition Sheldon Ross 18.440 Fine $20.00 [$15.00]
26-BT-F14 A First Course in Probability 7th Edition Sheldon M. Ross 18.440 Very Good $15.00 [$10.00] International Edition
26-BJ-F14 A Gentleman's Honor Stephanie Laurens Unknown $1.00 [$0.00]
26-BQ-F14 A Lady of His Own (Bastion Club) Stephanie Laurens Unknown $1.00 [$0.00]

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